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Terms of shooting conditions Hotel Goldene Steig, Kempten

§ 1
The guest contract (lease) is closed as soon as the room / rooms was appointed and confirmed by the hotel Goldene Steig Kempten (n).

§ 2
a) The conclusion of the accommodation contract obliges the contractor to fulfill the contract, has been indifferent to how long the contract completed. This contract can not be canceled unilaterally. b) the contract partner in case of doubt the customer, even if he ordered for or other named individuals. Purchaser and recipient liable.

§ 3
Option dates are binding for both parties. The Hotel Goldene Steig Kempten reserves the right to relet the reserved rooms and meeting rooms after the option data.

§ 4
Reserved hotel rooms available to the guest of 15 hours on arrival, and until 11:00 am on departure day.

§ 5
The service recipient is not entitled to provide certain hotel room. Hotel Goldene Steig Kempten Should agreed rooms, from whatever reason, is not available, so is obliged for a suitable replacement, and outside the house, as it is reasonable to take care.

§ 6
When converting or cancellations of reserved rooms are invoiced: a) cancellation up to 24 hours prior to arrival (15:00): no cancellation fee b) Cancellation less than 24 hours before arrival: 80% of the agreed services c) non-arrival without any Cancellation policy: 100% of the agreed services
§ 7
Invoices without a due date are either due on the day of arrival or can be paid from 8:00 on the day of departure. The following payments are accepted: bank, cash, euro cash and credit card (Mastercard, Visa).

§ 8
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) are accepted for payment of amounts which are not subject to commissions receivable, representing yet discounted special rates.

§ 9
If the period between conclusion and service provision 6 months, then the Hotel Goldene Steig Kempten reserves the right to change prices without notice.

§ 10
Changes to VAT go regardless of the date of the contract for the benefit or to the detriment of the service recipient. All prices are in EURO and including VAT.

§ 11
Verbal agreements are valid only after written confirmation

§ 12
The liability for which is introduced Good is determined exclusively by German law.

By the Hotel Goldene Steig Kempten attributable to disturbances in the provided technical or other equipment, to the extent possible, immediately eliminated. A retention or reduction of payments by the purchaser is expressly excluded.

The guest is liable for all damage to the building, inventory, the holder or the hotels, which are caused by participants or visitors, employees or other third parties from the area of ​​the guest or by him himself employees. the provision of adequate security, such as the case of the determination of inadmissible introduced dangerous goods or responsibility for any damage, the hotel can demand either the guest require communication existing liability insurance, the payment of a deposit in the amount of the expected loss amount or for the provision of a guarantee even if the damage was caused by a third party of its range. The guest is liable for the payment of any person accompanying him or visitors additionally appointed and foods eaten food and drinks, as long as their payment was omitted.

Date: July 2015